Painter, Illustrator & Author

THE Painter

30 years of creative work for the advertising industry, for animation productions as well as book- and children’s book publishers with highlights, awards and famous Themes pass over into a new phase:

Free, contemporary art painting.

Professional creation, learning observation, creative trial and error and fundamental experience, beginning in the 80s of the 20th century, today create an undomesticated re-mix:

Elements of illustration, classical painting, modern pop culture, film and new media mix with original visions to create versatile works of art.

JAB’s works are never boring, never arbitrary, technically and artistically highly professional … and not rarely created with a humorous, twinkling eye.

December 21/ January 22

AMALFI WALK / 2022 oil on canvas 30x60cm

DELICATEZZE / 2022 oil on canvas 30x25cm

HOTEL NAP / 2022 oil on canvas 30x25cm

NAKED 911 / 2022 oil on canvas 160x120cm

RED MORNING / 2022 oil on canvas 30x25cm

ROCS PORSCHE / 2022 oil on canvas 160x120cm

SIX OVERFLIGHT / 2023 oil on canvas 120x160cm

AMALFI WALK 2 / 2022 mixed media 15x30cm

THE WALL / 2022 oil on canvas 70x50cm

 HANK / 2022 oil on canvas 80x60cm

THE / 2021 mixed media on wood 42x30cm

THE SPIRIT OF THE PAST (CURTIS) / 1987 acrylics on canvas 120x160cm (sold)

THE BAIT / 2021 mixed media 100x140cm

SURFGIRL / 2015 oil on canvas 100x120cm

SUPERGIRL / 2021 acrylics on canvas 160x120cm

ROAD TRIP (SILVER) / 2021 acrylics on canvas 125x90cm

POOL NIGHT / 2020 oil on paper 23,5x32cm

PINK ACT / 1988 acrylics on canvas 130x100cm

OLD MAN / 1985 oil on canvas 120x160cm (not available)

GEORGENSTEIN OVERFLIGHT / 2021 oil on canvas 80x60cm (sold)

CARO / 2021 oil on canvas 100x120cm

CONSUMERS (2) / 1995-2021 acrylics on canvas 160x120cm

CASH / 2021 oil on canvas 80x60cm

THE 23 / 2021 oil on canvas 20x25cm (commissioned work)

SEVEN ARTISTS / 2021 mixed media 80x60cm (sold)

AMALFI ALLEY / 2021 oil on canvas 40x30cm

SHORTCUT / 2021 oil on canvas 30x40cm

BLUE HOUR / 1990 acrylics on canvas 100x160cm (sold)

CAMOUFLAGE DRONE / 2014 oil on canvas 140x140cm

CONSUMERS (1) / 2021 acrylics on canvas 80x80cm

FREEEZE / 2014 oil on canvas 160x160cm

HORIZON / 2021 oil on canvas 80x60cm

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